Chiropractic Care 

We perform MSK (Musculoskeletal)  ultrasounds!

We have the only chiropractic radiologist in Pennsylvania who can perform MSK ultrasounds.


The role of a chiropractor is to treat problems related to joints, muscles and bones, with the main focus being the spine. During your first visit our doctors will assess your general health and make note of the specific locations causing discomfort. The doctor will then proceed with a more in depth observation if they feel as if the problem cannot be easily diagnosed. Dr. Cho is the only doctor in the state that can perform MSK Ultrasounds on-site.



Does Acupuncture Work?

For most, acupuncture is probably the first words that comes to mind when you say 'alternative'. In China, and other east Asian countries, it has been the sole treatment method, with herbal medicine, to treat acute and chronic pain. Now, it is becoming popular even as an alternative and non-invasive way to combat weight loss, infertility and aging and body re-sculpturing for cosmetic enhancement.

The goal of acupuncture is to correct imbalances of energy flow and restore health through stimulation of stress points in the body. The U.S. FDA classified

acupuncture needles as medical instrument and assured their safety and effectiveness. This medicinal practice has been used for thousands of years in

China and over the past half-decade it has exploded in the United States. Our trained professionals have helped hundreds of patients overcome conditions

that negatively affect their lifestyle. Learn more about the benefits of acupuncture and how it can help you by reading below.

Benefits of Acupuncture

  • Quit Smoking – Is highly effective in curbing cravings that go along with

  • Reduce Back Pain – regular treatments have been found to relieve pain

  • Stimulate Weight Loss – Acupuncture has helped obese adults lose up

  • Combat Seasonal Allergies –12 acupuncture sessions have been shown

  • Improve Mood – weekly acupuncture sessions can treat forms of

  • Improve Heart Health – decrease markers of stress in your body and

  • Sleep Pattern Regulation – It helps stimulate the production of

  • Immune System – Boost the activity of immune cells that fight infections

  • Addiction

  • For up to 6 months after the person has stopped their treatments

  • To 9 pounds over a short period of time

  • To reduce symptoms which leads to less frequent use of antihistamines

  • Depression by regulating happy-making neurotransmitters in your brain

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Neurotransmitters that help the body relax and fall asleep



Precision Health & Wellness Center offers massage moralities. Our certified massage therapists can offer several different massage techniques to relieve your pain.

Massage Therapy can be incorporated into your regular sessions once you become a patient at Precision Health & Wellness Center. The idea is to pair multiple methods of treatment with each other to reach a desired goal much faster. Our trained staff has been hand selected based on their expertise. They

combine years of study with their own methods to provide an experience that is very unique. After our massage therapists have completed their therapy,

patients feel much more relaxed, both mentally and physically. This allows our chiropractors to then manipulate the joints and muscles in the back much more effectively. The extent of your therapy will be based on the severity of your condition and varies from patient to patient. We have found massage therapy useful for those who deal with:

anxiety, digestive orders, fibromyalgia, insomnia from stress, headaches, myofascial syndrome, soft tissue strains or injuries, sports injuries, and joint pain



Physiotherapy is a science-based profession that takes a whole-body approach to improve health and well-being.


Physical Therapy is a service that is available at select locations within Precision Health & Wellness Center. This service involves hands-on therapy between the

patient and therapist. We work with you to reduce functional problems that you accumulate throughout life. This process takes time for the results to show

which is why our staff is dedicated to help you reach your goal.